Tropical Island

Friday, February 25, 2005

To Build A Fire

The book is about a man trying to survive in a really cold climate but didn't manage to get a fire started in the end, fire is used to boill water and to cook food so it is important, in the end he had died.
The man had the dog because it had trotted to him while he was walking. The dog felt uneasy and nervous because it did not want to travel anywhere since it was too cold, the dog wanted had learned fire and wanted fire for warmth and did not really care about the man but itself. He did not feel any love for his master since it was too cold to worry about anyone else and his master had also whipped him really hard with the sound whip.
His crises and dangers that resulted of his carelessness and foolishness is that he should have not gone out there in the beginning where it was -75 degrees and he would either freeze or starve sooner or later. He shouldn't have left the first fire he made and it shouldn't have been under a tree where snow fell on it, I think that he should made the fire in the open area where nothing would fall on top of it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interesting Sentences

The leopard that was on the tree was stretched out and was very hungry.

''How come you never told your friend that you borrowed without asking the game from him?''

An old lady walked into the room suddenly, and our conversation stopped.

The little boy cried to show that he was emotionally sad.

The alien shocked the little children.

Tropical Island