Tropical Island

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Outsiders Characters

Ponyboy- Ponyboy is the youngest character who is 14 years old and has two brothers, he has light-brown hair, almost red and greenish-gray eyes and he has hair that he thinks is longer then most boys.
Sodapop- Sodapop is 16 turning 17 and is Ponyboy's brother, he is Ponyboy's favorite person even more then his mom and dad because he understands almost everything and is movie-star kind of handsome. He has dark blonde hair which he combs back , it is long, silky and straightand has dark brown eyes. He never drinks alcohol and just gets drunk on plain living. He also works at the gas station with Steve.
Johnny- Johnny is 16 and is second youngest, he has big black eyes in a dark tanned face, his hair was jet-black and heavily greased and combed to the side, it was so long it fell in shaggy bangs. He is the guy who doesn't live with his parents instead he sleeps at his friends house. He had been injured by a few of the greasers with rings on their fist before. Later on in the story he had killed Bob because Bob was drowning Ponyboy which he is one of Johnny's friend. Johnny had stayed in a old church with Ponyboy for safety but then they decided to tell the truth until there was a big fire and he had saved the kids. By then he was very hurt and was brought to the hospital, he had died.
Dally- Dally is 17 and is the toughest one in the gang. He has an elfish face, with high cheekbones and a pointed chin, sharp animal teeth, and ears like a lynx. His hair was almost white it was so blonde, and he didn't like haircuts or hair oil. His eyes were blue like blazing ice, cold hatred of the world. He was arrested at the age of 10. He always breaks the laws. Ponyboy didn't really like him but he thought that he was smart and everyone had to respect him.
Cherry- Cherry is a 16 year old girl that the guys met, she seems to think that the greasers are more emotional then the Soc boys and kind of even likes them and is friends with them. She is the girlfriend of Bob, she was really really upset when Johnny killed him because she knew there was a sweet side of him that he doesn't show everyone.
Marcia- Marcia is Cherry's friend, she has short brown hair and they said that she looked smaller then Cherry and didn't mind the boys. She didn't waste the Coke like Cherry and just drank it anyways. She also had a boyfriend that was one of the Soc boys and most of the greasers didn't like her as much as Cherry.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tempting Fate- Short Myth

Mai, goddess of fate and destiny, was created by Othniel from the foot-prints of passing souls. For many years, she served her creator faithfully, and drew her powers from the god of Disease. But Torodin befriended the mysterious goddess during his century of slavery in the Underworld. The Nightwalker seduced her, and when his century of servitude was over, he persuaded Mai to leave with him. Fate forever after gave her allegiance to Torodin instead of Othniel. She gave Torodin a daughter - Meda, goddess of Oracles and Prophecy, and allowed Torodin to give his followers the power to see the future and, when luck was with them, to change that which fate had decreed. Thus it is said that even Fate can be tempted.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


About Me

I used to go to Heritage, I've been there ever since kindergarten. My mom family has there own family business at a restaurant, my dad helps some times but he has another job too. I like playing basketball, volleyball and badminton. In ten years I will either be in Vancouver in university studying to be a dentist or some other place just travelling. I don't really like reading books so I don't have any favorite authors. I like to watch humerous or scary movies like Shrek, Mean Girls, the Grudge and a whole bunch of other shows.

Leiningen Versus The Ants

I think that this story is mainly about a man who does not like ants near the plantation because they will destroy everything and leave bones everywhere. He did everything he could to kill the armies of ants or just move then away, but by using his intelligence. Leiningen refused to leave his plantation because it endangers the lives of four hundred workers, he considered his intelligence as his single weapon.
The ants tried to overcome their first obstacle, the water ditch by forming armies to detach themselves from the main body and march down the western and eastern sides of the ditch and during the movement by the wings, the army on the centre and southern front remained still. Yes, it has proven that ants really possessed some kind of intelligence. I think it showed that ants can think up their own plans and they can work together. Even though Leinigen wanted to save the plantation, in the end he was injured all over and covered in bandages because he was trying everything and didn't give up. In the end the plantation was still in order.