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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tempting Fate- Short Myth

Mai, goddess of fate and destiny, was created by Othniel from the foot-prints of passing souls. For many years, she served her creator faithfully, and drew her powers from the god of Disease. But Torodin befriended the mysterious goddess during his century of slavery in the Underworld. The Nightwalker seduced her, and when his century of servitude was over, he persuaded Mai to leave with him. Fate forever after gave her allegiance to Torodin instead of Othniel. She gave Torodin a daughter - Meda, goddess of Oracles and Prophecy, and allowed Torodin to give his followers the power to see the future and, when luck was with them, to change that which fate had decreed. Thus it is said that even Fate can be tempted.


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