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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Favorite Assignment Was....

The myth project that we did in a group where we filmed it and showed it to the class. I liked it because it was fun and really funny almost through out the whole thing. It was fun just acting out the parts we did because it was fun what we did and watching what the other people in the group did because our whole skit was funny so it was fun watching the video.

Top Ten Things Grade Seven Students Should Know Before Entering Grade 8

1) Where your classes are
2) Block orders
3) Open the lock
4) Choose the right courses you want
5) You should know when the school team try outs are
6) Know where your locker is
7) Know what your next elective is
8) Keep your schedule
9) Remeber to bring supplies to class
10) Study for all tests


Autumn by Christopher Brennan

Autumn: the year breathes dully towards its death,
beside its dying sacrificial fire;
the dim world's middle-age of vain desire
is strangely troubled, waiting for the breath
that speaks the winter's welcome malison
to fix it in the unremembering sleep:
the silent woods brood o'er an anxious deep,
and in the faded sorrow of the sun,
I see my dreams' dead colours, one by one,
forth-conjur'd from their smouldering palaces,
fade slowly with the sigh of the passing year.
They wander not nor wring their hands nor weep,
discrown'd belated dreams! but in the drear
and lingering world we sit among the trees
and bow our heads as they, with frozen mouth,
looking, in ashen reverie, towards the clear
sad splendour of the winter of the far south.